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Valletta’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Community

Valletta is the capital city of Malta, an ancient and culturally diverse island in the Mediterranean Sea. Recently, startups and international talent has started to flock to the island because of its unique way-of-life and IT ecosystem. Because of this, Valletta City AI aims to promote, support, and nurture a unique and vibrant local AI scene.

Valletta City AI is a community of like-minded movers and shakers in the local AI space, and it is part of a global movement, CITY.AI


Stay updated on the latest in Applied AI, initiatives, and projects – both industrial and academic, in Valletta and the rest of Malta. Attend Valletta.City.AI events and get to know what startups, the University and other academic institutions, and corporates are doing in the exciting field of AI.


Meet the movers and the shakers both locally and globally. Connect with other practitioners at our regular meetings and events.  Join our digital community to find out what is happening in Applied AI.


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Our very first event will be held on Wednesday April 19th, 2017. Local IT employer iXaris Limited have made available their Media Hall for the event. We have invited three local AI gurus to describe their experience in applying AI to problems in business and industry.


  • 18:00 – “Introduction” by the Mayor of Valletta Dr Alexiei Dingli

    18:10 – “Introduction of Valletta.AI by Dr John Abela Valletta.AI Lead

    18:30 – “Machine Learning in Fraud Detection” by Mark Anthony Spiteri, General Manager & Director at Entropay

    Abstract: EntroPay offers users a quick and easy solution to online payments. The company allows its users to instantly access funds via a prepaid virtual Visa card that can be used to make purchases anywhere online. While EntroPay’s innovative solution greatly simplifies the process of online payments for its users, the ease and immediacy of its prepaid cards also make it incredibly attractive targets for fraudsters. From the very beginning, EntroPay was prepared for the possibility of fraud. EntroPay’s team initially built and maintained a proprietary fraud rules engine, which would flag users and transactions for manual review. Due to the scale and immense amount of time needed for the manual review process, EntroPay had a dedicated team of 8 fraud analysts reviewing transactions around the clock and a data analyst managing its rules system. Because its rules weren’t updated in real-time and had to be tweaked manually, EntroPay’s system was always playing catch-up and couldn’t stop fraud as it was happening.3 years ago EntroPay switched to a machined learning solution. This presentation provides an insight in EntroPay’s experience using machine learning.

    18:50 – “Teaching machines to achieve mind control: How computers can understand and influence human behaviour” by Angelo Dalli, CEO at bit8

    19:15 – “Gender recognition from images for adaptive retail advertising” by George Azzopardi, Academic Resident at the ICT Faculty at the University of Malta.

    Abstract: Gender recognition from face images is an important application in the fields of security, retail advertising and marketing. It is becoming common for taxis to have screens in front of the passengers and use them as advertisement spaces. The detection of the gender and possibly the recognition of other properties (e.g age group, ethnicity, and emotion) from the image frames captured by cameras, give the opportunity to show marketing material that is of more interest to the passenger and therefore more effective. In this talk I will give an overview of an effective computer vision method that we proposed recently and show the experiments that we carried out on a benchmark dataset. I will also discuss how the proposed method could be incorporated in a solution embedded within cameras.

    19:35 – Q&A / Panel Discussion

    20:00 – Refreshments & Networking

    As we’re all on a tight schedule, the meeting is going to start and end on time.
    €5.00 nominal fee to cover expenses
    If you don’t have a paypal account, kindly email us on malta@city.ai




Dr. John Abela

Valletta AI Lead


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